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Taichung Centanial Tower

Elevating Taichung: A 400 meters Tower of Resilience, Heritage, and Sustainability..

Under the leadership of Raymond Pan during his time as Design Principal HMC Architects, his team achieved recognition as one of the top five finalists in the Taiwan Tower International Design Competition. Their vision for the 400-meter-tall green tower in Taichung aimed to symbolize the resilience and vitality of Taiwan's people. This remarkable structure emerged as a living testament to the cultural richness and history of the City of Taichung, firmly rooted in its heritage.


The tower represents an embodiment of Taichung's diverse and vibrant way of life, blending seamlessly with its surroundings on both a physical and metaphysical level. Its foundation is deeply intertwined with the memories and stories that have shaped Taiwan's history, while also embracing the ever-evolving narrative of life and history itself.


Visitors to the tower are treated to a unique experience akin to exploring a vertical museum, where the history of Taichung unfolds like an uninterrupted tapestry of life, stretching upward to its impressive 400-meter height. The tower's innovative design incorporates a rotating form that optimizes views of historical landmarks as visitors ascend through the structure and travel through time.


Furthermore, the tower serves a crucial environmental role by acting as a carbon sequester that responds to its location and climate. Its distinctive shape facilitates the passage of wind through the super-tall structure, reducing structural stress and harnessing energy through integrated turbines. Modular, energy-producing fins provide shade from the tropical sun and can be adapted to the latest green technologies. Consequently, the tower generates an astonishing 185 percent of its energy requirements, with surplus renewable energy benefiting the surrounding city

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