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L.Bradbury Estate

Generational Harmony: A Contemporary Farmhouse Designed for Multigenerational Living

This architectural and interior project entails the comprehensive transformation of a 60-year-old ranch house, expanding it into a modern, 4,200 square-foot dwelling that harmoniously integrates with its natural surroundings. The primary objective is to create an lifestyle that fosters harmonious multigenerational living.

The catalyst for this venture was our client's vision of a multigenerational abode that could comfortably accommodate both their expanding family and their parents and in-laws. Instead of opting for complete demolition and reconstruction, we embarked on an architectural odyssey of renovation and expansion. The existing structure was thoughtfully repurposed into an in-laws and guest pavilion, while an entirely new architectural structure was meticulously designed and added as the master pavilion for our client's young family.

In pursuit of facilitating a sense of shared yet independent multigenerational living, our architectural strategy ingeniously intertwines outdoor activity spaces between these two distinct pavilions. This strategic architectural choice culminates in the creation of a secure central courtyard nestled at the core of the home. This architectural feature functions as a child-friendly sanctuary, seamlessly accessible from both pavilions, significantly enhancing safety and convenience. These open architectural spaces, thoughtfully complemented by shared indoor living areas, not only ensure privacy between the two generational units but also promote interaction, resulting in a harmonious and cohesive architectural experience.

Project Gallery

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