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I.Malibu Hudson Phillip Estate

12,000 Sq Ft of Coastal Living: Where Heritage, Nature, and Wellness Unite.

Nestled in the idyllic Zuma Beach area of Malibu, this design project aspires to seamlessly blend historical and contemporary elements while creating a harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces. The original structure, a renowned exemplar of 1980s modern architecture, has been featured in numerous films.


Grounded in the essence of traditional Malibu living, this venture reimagines both space and connectivity, establishing a haven where family heritage is cherished, and a deep connection with nature is celebrated.


To adapt this structure into a family-friendly and elderly-accessible home, our design incorporates a range of universal and wellness design principles. These encompass features promoting accessibility, equity, flexibility, intuitive wayfinding, security, and consideration for long-term adaptability.


The Coastal Living Concept


The architectural vision propelling this transformation draws inspiration from Malibu's coastal lifestyle ethos. The objective is to intensify the connection between the interior and exterior, mirroring the traditional Malibu way of life where the boundaries between the home and the beach have historically been fluid. The fully glazed facade ensures that awe-inspiring coastal views grace every major room.


A Symphony of Space and Light


The defining feature of this coastal estate is its ability to infuse every corner with a sense of openness and airiness. This achievement results from a thoughtful and sensitive architectural approach. Strategically positioned large windows and glass walls serve as nature's canvases, extending invitations to the ever-changing coastal landscape within the home. Sunlight delicately bathes the floors, casting a warm and inviting radiance upon the natural materials adorning every surface.


Wood, an incredibly versatile material, is employed to soften and warm the design's contemporary lines. It introduces a touch of rustic charm while fostering a profound sense of harmony with the natural world just beyond the windows.

Project Gallery

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