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E. Chula Smart Hospital and Wellness Hub

Reimagining Healthcare: An Wellness Hub in the Heart of Bangkok

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, this expansive urban wellness center, spanning 1.6 million square feet (148,000 square meters), seamlessly integrates three essential components: a cutting-edge hospital featuring 128 inpatient beds, 132 step-down suites, and 60 ICU beds, along with 100,000 square feet of outpatient services and a vast 660,000 square-foot retail space.

Our design vision revolves around creating an inclusive and sustainable urban wellness hub, housing a vertical hospital, a vertical retail medical plaza, and accessible community support spaces. Departing from the conventional notion of a medical facility primarily serving the unwell, this center serves as a focal point for health, wellness, leisure, and community enrichment, open to all. The project fosters a strong connection with its surrounding community through porous boundaries, offering a vibrant urban experience for everyone to enjoy.

Designed as a smart hospital, it wholeheartedly embraces contemporary healthcare technologies and anticipates the evolution of digital health, all aimed at elevating the patient treatment experience. In addition to its medical services, this project extends its offerings to encompass long-term care living arrangements and a diverse array of retail services aimed at promoting holistic wellness.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is unwavering, with our design targeting an ambitious 50% reduction in both embodied and operational carbon, while striving for TREES Gold certification. Strategically located in the bustling heart of Bangkok, this urban wellness center aspires to provide a comprehensive solution to meet the health and wellness needs of individuals from all walks of life.

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