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C1 - The Frontier Project

Empowering Sustainability: Where Knowledge Meets Innovation

This LEED Platinum conference center, spanning 14,000 square feet, is a cornerstone of environmental education in the region. Its goal is to inform and inspire individuals and businesses alike about the latest advancements in sustainable practices. More than just a building, it offers a immersive learning experience, showcasing and explaining sustainable strategies from the moment visitors enter. Constructed with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), it features innovative design elements such as full-height glazing on the north side and a sun screen made from reclaimed wood on the south.

Passive cooling systems and a multi-technology roof ensure optimal environmental performance. The roof incorporates a photovoltaic array for electricity and shading, a green roof for insulation and rainwater absorption, and reflective surfaces to deflect sunlight.

Thoughtfully landscaped surroundings, including pervious pavers and native plants, complement the building's sustainability features.

In essence, this center stands as a testament to green design, serving as a hub for education, inspiration, and innovation in sustainable practices.

This project was designed by Raymond Pan while as Design Director at HMC Architects.

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