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A. Malibu Oceana Estate

A Coastal Oasis: A Multi-Generational Estate in Malibu's Zuma Beach

The conversion and expansion of this 1980’s home into a 9,300 sf coastal estate for multi-generational living stand as a testament to the profound impact of thoughtful architectural design. In the pristine enclave of Zuma Beach, it has created a haven where the echoes of the past harmonize with the aspirations of the future. It is a place where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, tradition and innovation, and generations have blurred, resulting in a coastal masterpiece that breathes with the rhythm of the ocean. Through the use of natural materials and an unwavering connection to nature, this estate exemplifies the essence of coastal living in Malibu, where the beauty of the environment is not just admired but embraced as an integral part of daily life.

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