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Thonburi 2 Medical Center Expansion

Expansion and modernization of an esteemed private medical center for an unwavering commitment to delivering world-class care to its patients and reshaping the future of healthcare within the bustling heart of Bangkok.

This masterplan aims to modernize and expand one of Bangkok's premier private medical centers, incorporating 195 private wards, 7 operating rooms, outpatient services, a central plant, and ancillary services, all with a steadfast commitment to patient well-being.


Amidst the city's hustle and bustle, a lush linear healing garden emerges within the medical center. It provides solace to patients, caregivers, and visitors, offering controlled daylight and serene nature views to patient rooms and treatment areas year-round.


The masterplan also reimagines the holistic care delivery experience by restructuring key connections. A central lobby and administrative wing will enhance facility efficiency while delivering world-class medical care.


In the era of heightened infection control, stringent measures are integrated, including clear route segregation, advanced ventilation, dedicated isolation units, robust medical waste management, pandemic readiness, and visitor monitoring, ensuring a secure environment for all

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